Friday, June 3, 2016

Yes- it will be a joyful ride

A car is actually your companion especially if you are spending long hours on the roads. As most of the passionate drivers call it- it’s their first love. Whether you are going to office, for a weekend date or for a getaway, your companion is always with you. As we plan for our anniversary celebrations, I and my husband were thinking of a long, relaxing drive. Away from the hustle bustle of the metro city, he suggested to drive over to the small sleepy town of Kasauli. A drive to the mountains could actually help you unwind and clear your mind. Unsure about the path and the terrain we have decided to rely on the beloved #Datsun redi Go. We would really want to test it for its comfort, sturdiness and youthfulness.  
Datsun #rediGo is far away from being conventional. It aptly represents today's generation. A generation that is energetic, vibrant and adventurous. It is a great combination of impressive room with a sporty attitude. Its wide and robust stance gives you the confidence to take your car along unexplored paths. Exploring the unexplored is what life is all about. Go out and have fun. Feel that you are alive.
While travelling, you need to ensure comfort and sturdiness at the same time. Datsun redi Go is compact, sleek yet aggressive. It will not disappoint you when it comes to highway drive or city drive. It has an overall spacious interior that will let you travel merrily with your family without worries. Its sporty fabric provides energetic vibes with premium comfort. It has good enough space that will let you enjoy the journey comfortably. How about your favourite songs playing in the background in full swing? I guess, I am already swaying away to the beautiful destination. 
We love to travel however, road trips shouldn’t hit too hard on your pockets. Last minute plans with uncertainty could add to all the more adventure. The 799cc engine of Datsun redi Go provides an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L. It’s actually built for staying out more and to be able to enjoy the road longer. Now you can get rid of the worry of spending too much on your next trip.
It offers a unique combination of fun, freedom and confidence. Isn’t this for what the youth today stands for? This is what everyone believes in and wants to get associated with. Datsun redi Go offers the best of a compact crossover and the urban hatchback. I have been dreaming of driving it to work and enjoying to be able to thoroughly enjoy the drive. Cruising through the traffic, unwinding after a long day’s work. Its superior air conditioning, a necessity in the peak summers, small turning radius, and adaptive electric power steering would definitely make the drive comfortable. How about rerouting to a new destination rather than going back home. Sounds crazy? 
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Let It Go

Someone ones mentioned, that all battles are not worth your time and energy. One needs to be extremely cautious in terms of where  you need to invest your mind. If you start treating your time and mind as your money, trust me you will be more aware where you are spending it. If you start treating everything that everyone around speaks of about you as personal, you are actually letting him/ her enter your territory or personal space. Why give that right to every Tom, Dick and Harry to let them hurt you.

Why should they be hitting on your sensitive areas? Now and then they do this because you are telling them to do so. Who entitles them to do so? Who entitles them to do so? The answer is simple and direct: You. If you ensure no matter what, whatever someone says, it is not going to affect your inner peace there is no power in this world that can actually affect it.
Be yourself...These are not luxuries but your basic rights...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Put a Smile on That Face: Our Face

Both of us have a very busy schedule. Working long hours, being in the corporate world, in different shift timings, there are weeks wherein we don't get to see each other as well at times. I travel a lot and henceforth, in our 2 years of marriage there would be barely 10 times that I would have cooked for him.

Am I guilty? Not sure. I would be somewhat lying if I say no. I guess however, that we have accepted each other the way we are. I don't enjoy being in the kitchen and neither does he. We share the responsibilities and try to spend as much time as we can "together".

 That say was however different. We were coming back after a not so successful day at work. One of those days wherein you feel you are just another employee. You feel your career is going nowhere. Your life is going nowhere. Because of this you end up fighting on pity  issues with no base. I kept on wondering why, what is the need to do so.

 That day was unusual. Both of us were silent. There was nothing to talk about. I had fought with my boss. He had faced his own share of disappointments.

We decided to just order food that night- something simple and quick. I opened the refrigerator and noticed a bright packet shining in a corner, hidden like a ray of hope. I pulled it out and noticed that it was a wonderful pack of McCain's snacks. Would this bring smile on that face that mattered the most?

 Within no time the smileys from McCain were ready. I put them on a bright plate and put them on our humble dining table. He came still with a sad look on his face. But the moment he saw the #McCainsnacks exclusively prepared for him- a bright smile lit his face. I can't forget the look on his face till day. Since then McCain has become a beautiful partner in our journey. A perfect partner in our crimes and all the naughtiness of this young couple.



Sunday, July 19, 2015

Buddy Parenting In Action

Now that I look at a lot of my friends, some married, some busy with their professional life, I get nostalgic. Reminds me of how we were as kids. So raw! Everyone is successful but the upbringing has played and plays the most important life in shaping an individual. I read somewhere, in an essay I guess, that we as kids are like clay. Just like a potter molds and gives shape to this shapeless clay, our parents put in their day and night to make the person that we are. Our likes, dislikes, in I strongly believe that our beliefs are also driven a lot by our upbringing.

While writing this post, I travelled about 20 years back, reliving #Khushi ke pal with my parents. My little sister was not born then. My parents were also learning to tame this ball of energy: read ME. While for me almost everything was new, for them being as parents this experience was new and fresh. With freshness I brought a bag full of challenges for them. I remember instances proving how tough I would have been as a child. My energy was no less than sun's nuclear reactions. My mom put me into new activities every week in the hope that somewhere I will settle down. Eventually they learnt that I won't stop and so they became my true partners in crime. My fellow passengers during my early childhood days till date. We learnt together, discussed together and resolved problems together. The whole process became a fun and a learning process for us. My friends could never relate to this philosophy. For some of them talking to parents was like entering into the room of headmistress. Before you speak out anything the authority card would be played. Who wins is we all know....

When I was trying to learn a bicycle, my dad taught me but ensured that I was not afraid to fall. He let me explore even the darkest corners of our society. Till date that sense of being free and independent has been with me. I say with pride that I can take my decisions sensibly on my own.

We went for grocery shopping and I was the one who used to carry back 10 kg bags with him on foot. He actually taught me how to buy red tomatoes and juicier lemons. He taught me to be rough. We share, share our experiences, our success and more importantly our failures. He want me to be successful, he wants me to be happy but I want the same for him. That's how we all grow, learn and have fun. Kids are scared of their parents, they hide things, and they hide their failures. Why? They feel parents will scold them, close them in a dark room. How will you as a parent react if your kid walks up to you and says Ma I am scared of you. Eventually, either of you will say "you won't understand" and end the conversation by tagging it a "generation gap". It was just communication gap. It was fun teaching dad how to do a video chat. His smile when he saw me is still fresh in my memories. We had decided to have breakfast virtually, but together. That’s one of the instances when I found my "khushi ke pal" and truly experienced #"Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey-My Best Friend

What is the best way to be healthy? have we replaced being healthy to dieting? I guess Diet, crash diet, words like these often claim to give you a dream figure. I think more than a need to be fit, it has become a fashion statement nowadays. People are not giving enough importance to the need of following a healthy diet plan. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle it is extremely important to give due importance to what we are eating on a regular basis. We should always aim for a healthy and a balanced diet. All of us have seen people actually going on a full crash diet. This not only affects the physical wellness of individuals but even affects the mental health. We lose the energy and the zeal. A healthy, balanced diet is the key to healthy living.

Honey could be considered as one magic ingredient. Incorporating it in our diet would is not only healthy but its various advantages make it a wonderful dietary component. You must have heard lot of people taking a spoon full of honey with warm water in the morning. It has traditionally been known to be useful in weight management. Honey is also a good source of energy. It is a natural sugar and can be easily absorbed by our body. My mother in law had some digestion issues. We thought of including honey in her diet. Wholla, I don’t know the science behind it but it worked for her. Thankfully, she was relieved from her miseries. Honey- my magical ingredient.

My husband usually suffers from seasonal cough and cold. After lot of medicines, we switched to the traditional honey ginger combination. This worked well too. The dryness in his throat went away. The biggest advantage being it has no side effects like a lot of medicines. He responds really well to it.

Coming to our beauty regime. Honey forms a good moisturizing and nourishing agent in a lot of face packs. It really helps the skin to rejuvenate and glow. So all the ladies out there this small bottle of sweetness has lots of benefits that you could have never even realized. Ensure you include it not only in your diet but also in your beauty packs. It would keep the glow going.

Honey being such a common ingredient comes with a lot of benefits. If we can include it in our diet, and make honey our friend, definitely we can benefit from it. The simplest way could also be to replace sugar by honey. Honey is very easy to be included in sweets and other delicacies as well. #Honey Diet.

No doubt including honey in our diet is a #sweeter alternative. It helps to sweetly resolve a lot of our day to day problems without any side effects.