Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Dream, My Vision: #DigitalIndia

With an estimate of about Rs 18,000 crores some mention that #DigitalIndia is one of Government’s most ambitious programs. Over the years we have seen that government is excellent in formulation of quarterly, yearly, 5 year and 2020 plans but when it comes to execution of these plans, the country seems getting disappointed. Do we know why these strategies and plans do not work in our country, India? I think, we all know the answer. And here comes the famous word from all of us – corruption. Now, how do we deal with this corruption – a million dollar (rupees) question? There could be lot of answers to it, but this time we have decided to select the answer as #DigitalIndia. Let’s see how.

Whether it is India’s manufacturing sector, agricultural or industrial sector, today #DigitalIndia is the key to keep their heads up. As we all know that government policies, initiatives, benefits, subsidies play an important role in all these sectors but due to the corruption and lack of e-governance, their affect and benefits get diluted.  #DigitalIndia helps in strengthening e-governance and therefore helps in connecting the government initiatives with the people of India more strongly. Let’s discuss this with some examples.
One of the aspects of #DigitalIndia is that it promotes cashless transactions. Let me take the example of gas subsidy by government of India. Earlier it used to be either through cash payments or was being eaten up by many termites of system at every level. These termites have the capability to eat away everything. Cashless transactions, possible through #DigitalIndia, eventually helped us in reducing involvement of these termites, promoting e-governance and therefore reducing corruption. Such kind of transparency in Government operations strengthens the trust and faith in our government. All in all good relationship between government,  nationals, and common people that has been lacking for a while now. 
Similar models of #DigitalIndia need to be implemented in other areas as well like that of agriculture, that's facing a disconnect and lack of trust between farmers and wholesalers.
Area of investors facing disconnect between foreign investors and government. Area of industries facing disconnect between industrialists and government. Area of services facing disconnect and mistrust between common man and government offices. Make in India campaign waiting for a significant start. Aadhar card initiative waiting for its success and benefits. Do we find any connect between #DigitalIndia and these initiatives? Surely, yes. I believe, every Indian can be connected to it. It means huge data for analysis by experts and new business approvals.
#DigitalIndia, as we see is a solution to numerous issues and could be made practical by strong information technology supported by related hardware and software. I strongly believe that Intel has the ability to deliver all these from their pool of in-house skills and capabilities. In other words, Intel through the platform of #DigitalIndia can really be instrumental in filling the gap between the Government and the mango people. Intel could be instrumental in developing a platform that can bring government, investors, manufacturers, businessmen, farmers, common men and everybody from huge airbus aircrafts to even the micron sized chips together.
I dream of living in a nation that’s well connected technologically. I dream of living in a nation that is developed. I dream of my India becoming a role model for other nations where Government has partnered with technology providers to implement #DigitalIndia in realty. I am sure with technological advancements by market leaders like Intel and initiatives like e-Governance, #DigitalIndia would bring us closer to achieving APJ Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020. Hope we still remember it!!!

image copyright: sonal garg