Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Put a Smile on That Face: Our Face

Both of us have a very busy schedule. Working long hours, being in the corporate world, in different shift timings, there are weeks wherein we don't get to see each other as well at times. I travel a lot and henceforth, in our 2 years of marriage there would be barely 10 times that I would have cooked for him.

Am I guilty? Not sure. I would be somewhat lying if I say no. I guess however, that we have accepted each other the way we are. I don't enjoy being in the kitchen and neither does he. We share the responsibilities and try to spend as much time as we can "together".

 That say was however different. We were coming back after a not so successful day at work. One of those days wherein you feel you are just another employee. You feel your career is going nowhere. Your life is going nowhere. Because of this you end up fighting on pity  issues with no base. I kept on wondering why, what is the need to do so.

 That day was unusual. Both of us were silent. There was nothing to talk about. I had fought with my boss. He had faced his own share of disappointments.

We decided to just order food that night- something simple and quick. I opened the refrigerator and noticed a bright packet shining in a corner, hidden like a ray of hope. I pulled it out and noticed that it was a wonderful pack of McCain's snacks. Would this bring smile on that face that mattered the most?

 Within no time the smileys from McCain were ready. I put them on a bright plate and put them on our humble dining table. He came still with a sad look on his face. But the moment he saw the #McCainsnacks exclusively prepared for him- a bright smile lit his face. I can't forget the look on his face till day. Since then McCain has become a beautiful partner in our journey. A perfect partner in our crimes and all the naughtiness of this young couple.