Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey-My Best Friend

What is the best way to be healthy? have we replaced being healthy to dieting? I guess Diet, crash diet, words like these often claim to give you a dream figure. I think more than a need to be fit, it has become a fashion statement nowadays. People are not giving enough importance to the need of following a healthy diet plan. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle it is extremely important to give due importance to what we are eating on a regular basis. We should always aim for a healthy and a balanced diet. All of us have seen people actually going on a full crash diet. This not only affects the physical wellness of individuals but even affects the mental health. We lose the energy and the zeal. A healthy, balanced diet is the key to healthy living.

Honey could be considered as one magic ingredient. Incorporating it in our diet would is not only healthy but its various advantages make it a wonderful dietary component. You must have heard lot of people taking a spoon full of honey with warm water in the morning. It has traditionally been known to be useful in weight management. Honey is also a good source of energy. It is a natural sugar and can be easily absorbed by our body. My mother in law had some digestion issues. We thought of including honey in her diet. Wholla, I don’t know the science behind it but it worked for her. Thankfully, she was relieved from her miseries. Honey- my magical ingredient.

My husband usually suffers from seasonal cough and cold. After lot of medicines, we switched to the traditional honey ginger combination. This worked well too. The dryness in his throat went away. The biggest advantage being it has no side effects like a lot of medicines. He responds really well to it.

Coming to our beauty regime. Honey forms a good moisturizing and nourishing agent in a lot of face packs. It really helps the skin to rejuvenate and glow. So all the ladies out there this small bottle of sweetness has lots of benefits that you could have never even realized. Ensure you include it not only in your diet but also in your beauty packs. It would keep the glow going.

Honey being such a common ingredient comes with a lot of benefits. If we can include it in our diet, and make honey our friend, definitely we can benefit from it. The simplest way could also be to replace sugar by honey. Honey is very easy to be included in sweets and other delicacies as well. #Honey Diet.

No doubt including honey in our diet is a #sweeter alternative. It helps to sweetly resolve a lot of our day to day problems without any side effects.