Sunday, May 29, 2016

Let It Go

Someone ones mentioned, that all battles are not worth your time and energy. One needs to be extremely cautious in terms of where  you need to invest your mind. If you start treating your time and mind as your money, trust me you will be more aware where you are spending it. If you start treating everything that everyone around speaks of about you as personal, you are actually letting him/ her enter your territory or personal space. Why give that right to every Tom, Dick and Harry to let them hurt you.

Why should they be hitting on your sensitive areas? Now and then they do this because you are telling them to do so. Who entitles them to do so? Who entitles them to do so? The answer is simple and direct: You. If you ensure no matter what, whatever someone says, it is not going to affect your inner peace there is no power in this world that can actually affect it.
Be yourself...These are not luxuries but your basic rights...

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