Monday, March 23, 2015

I #ChooseToStart

And here it goes again! My cell phone- Mind it, that mine was a very basic mobile phone nowhere closer to today’s smartphones. My poor phone died an innocent death. Poor chap had been with me for ages now. It fell off the second floor and straight down…it had eventually left me... sob sob….
I rushed home, opened the door without the familiar beep accompanying me today. But life needs to move on. I started my hunt for the latest, economical smartphone options. I am not a gadget freak so it was definitely a challenge for me. I kept on looking. I tried looking online (as is the buzzword), visited a couple of stores too. Things were too confusing than exciting.
I had almost given up. I was tired both mentally and physically from this endless search. But the truth was I definitely needed a phone. Who in today’s world even gets out of bed without holding onto their smartphones: no one “except me”?
After another unsuccessful weekend, as I parked my car, stepped down to get off, my fiancé stood there smiling at me. I was already pissed off and could not understand the reason of his smile. Well, hiding my irritation I greeted him.  There was something he had in his hands that he was trying to hide. An attractive box waited for me. I grabbed it and without a blink opened the box. What waited inside was priceless. Really, was it for me? I asked him twice. It was my all new Moto E. It looked exquisite. Beautifully crafted, bright and shining.
I gave him a tight hug and shouted aloud with excitement. He quickly asked what did I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E. I thought for a couple of minutes and had the answer immediately. The moto E smartphone opened myriad of opportunities for me. I had always dreamt to write and share my thoughts. I could pen down my ideas quickly and share it with the whole world using my new Moto E. Moto E was the perfect gadget for me. I immediately added all my friends and family members. I wanted to tell the world the power that I had now in my hands. I clicked a selfie with my new love (read Moto E smartphone) and immediately shared it with my loved ones on the messenger. I was surprised to see how fast it was. Moto E had brought me at par to my peers. Most importantly it has given me the ability to stay in touch.
I was really happy with my first ever smartphone. It had opened the whole world for me. It made me fall in love with technology and the web. I love you so much my smart Moto E.


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