Monday, March 16, 2015

My encounter with hope

What a day!!! what a day!!! It was one of those days when somehow everything manages to go wrong. Amongst the long list of disasters the following topped. My roommates kept on fighting. My fiancĂ© wouldn’t hear to my career aspirations. At work, there was a heated argument with my supervisor over a real pity issue as we tried to firefight. My subordinates managed to miss all the deadlines together. It was disappointing and frustrating at the same time.

My client who is usually extremely pleasing and supportive seemed to be completely off track. We had to struggle for almost three hours straight to explain her the relevance of the requests that we were making. She just wouldn't understand. She just wouldn’t hear. The meetings went on and on.

In short it was a day that was full of unexpected, tough conversations. If this was not enough, to top it all our project manager wanted to keep the amazing touch point on the same day. What did this mean to us? This meant that discussions from follow ups to delays to our inefficiencies would add on to the frustration that kept on building.

After all the drama I literally had to turn off my laptop. My brain was fried completely. At 6:00 p.m. as everyone already started to head home I sat there thinking what should I #lookup to? My head kept spinning, going round and round. Was this the end?  Had I failed to deliver?

I managed to gather my strength, started loading my stuff and began the journey back home. I felt extremely weak. I had tears. Tears of anger, frustration, disappointment.

Usually when I head back home, my brain is still working. I start planning for next day. Today was different. I drove into what seemed like a black hole. Where was I going?

 Right before the highway exit that I usually take, I saw a sign. There was something glowing outside a school. In bold letters the sign said "HOPE". Somehow that grabbed my attention, I pulled over to the side and kept staring at it like a kid. Was this written for me? I was a fighter. A bad day at work didn’t mean I was finished. A weak moment and I thought of quitting everything. I smiled at the glowing signboard. I felt as if it smiled back at me. “everything will be alright” echoed in the silence. My heart filled with strength and zeal. A zeal to keep moving forward. A will to keep going on.

 Everyday when I still cross that sign, I ensure to slow down, take a deep breath and think that the hope is still alive. The hope to succeed, the hope to be happy, the hope that things will fall in place one day.

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  1. I know you n you are exactly like this!!! You always manage to find this signboard bcoz you are a fighter!!!