Monday, March 16, 2015

Second Chance

Life is strange and keeps on surprising you with its uncertainty. I call it the typical “roller-coaster” ride: *wink *wink. Who do you hold onto during this amazing journey? Family and friends, no matter how far they may be they could always bring that one smile on your face that may have been missing for a while. It was a snowy night, as I tried to sleep through, miles away from home. I had everything, a successful job, a house, friends, what else could I wish here. Someone would say, wow what a life amongst the skyscrapers. But deep down I knew there was a blank space in my life. My friends were miles away and so was my family. As I stared at the spotless white ceiling of my bedroom in the convertible apartment on the 43rd floor, my phone buzzed. At wee hours of night my cell phone was my best friend. #startanewlife

When I still think of that night, I feel that God truly heard me. It was telepathy. A long lost friend (well was he really a friend), reappeared from past. We started with a formal “hi” on the social networking site. We chatted for straight 3 hours. Looked like ages since I had laughed. My jaws hurt from laughing and giggling. Was I ready to accept his friendship? Who was he? Why was I sharing my deep, dark secrets with this guy? It was his honesty and the genuine concern that made me feel I was ready to leave the past behind and move ahead to a prosperous future. As we continued to chat, international calls/video calls became a part of our daily routine. He was looking for a friend, and I was probably looking for a solace. #startanewlife

Finally, the day arrived. He put forward the most important question of our lives. Was I ready to take our blooming relationship to the next level? Was he the one? That one yes changes my priorities, my reasons for happiness, my life. I decided to leave the states and come back to India. We met a couple of more times and I was sure. His conviction and the love he had in his eyes for me genuinely swept me off my feet. Was I doing right or wrong? I still don’t know. He brought the fresh air of optimism and hope that even I deserved. Did I deserve a better life that had more love than money, more fun than just office tasks, the feeling of belongingness, the feeling of being loved? More importantly, he gave me the reason to smile.

Every morning when I wake up and I see him next to me, I smile. Somewhere silently I say my prayer thanking life for giving me a second chance. All of us deserve that chance. We just need to identify the right opportunity and take that jump. You really won’t know what’s waiting for you at the other end. #startanewlife. /

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