Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Magical Night

How do we define the word “together”? Out of all the definitions I thought of creating one of my own. I call it “to- get- there” phenomenon. We may not be looking for something material. Nah!!! That is really boring. Isn’t a day at work, literally grilling yourself working for others not enough?

Well, all of us are looking to get to a destination that has peace, happiness, and love of our dear ones #together.

Just think about it…
One fine evening, me and my husband returned from a typical social event, tired of wearing the fake smiles. My back pained of the 45 hours super hectic work week. As we walked in, the aroma that every house carries somehow brought a twinkle in our eyes. We exchanged a glance. The lights were turned off as everyone had already gone to bed. We slowly made our way upstairs without trying to make a sound. I almost tripped and surprisingly started to giggle…shhhh….

For some reason I just couldn’t stop laughing. Probably it was just the feeling of being home. I didn’t have to pretend or act or look happy or had to appreciate someone’s fake stones (popularly known as “diamonds”).

It’s 1:00 a.m. and we didn’t feel like sleeping. We moved to our verandah and started talking. The cool breeze was perfect to create the perfect ambience. We talked about how we met, our courtship, our travel adventures, our love, and most important of it all, the fact that we were #together. He poured me a drink and I kept looking at him. He talked and I listened. I felt as if all the volcanoes inside me had calmed down. The hot lava seemed to have been transformed into a free flowing river. My heart had new flowers that bloomed as we held each other’s hands. We drank, and talked and just looked at each other. It was a different two of us. We were the teenagers madly, truly in love. #together we gazed at the stars. It was our perfect date. There were no expectations, no expensive gifts, no flowers. Each other's warmth and company without any  noise was what we had been looking for long.

As I narrate you this innocent story, I feel empowered, filled with strength. Life comes with its own share of joys and sorrows, but sweet moments like these remind us of the optimistic outlook we should carry along. All the beautiful people out there don’t forget to wear that special, unique smile as you get ready for work it will make your expensive watch or the new matching lip color look even better. I am sure it will fill your lives with a magical sparkle that you thought was missing. This is what really makes me happy...


  1. Nice when we are optimistic :)

  2. I am looking for two smiley , one with big eyes n other of smiling face.
    The hot lava seemed to have been transformed into a free flowing river :)