Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Expert of Everything

Maa…Mummy…Mom…cannot be defined in words. Her smile, selfless love, care and the warmth of her touch could leave a tired soul happy and rejuvenated.

My mom undoubtedly is #myfirstexpert and I am sure everyone's mom is as well. She has been my first expert under the guidance of whom I have learnt a lot of things. There are innumerable things that I have done for the first time with her. I remember, when I was in standard one, I was told to make a poster on cartoon characters as a class project but I didn’t know anything about a poster. In fact I didn’t even know what a poster is. Then the person who was first to give me an expert advice on my problem was my mother. Well, kids and their problems. Our moms never let us feel how ignorant we are. In fact they are always ready to walk on the same path again and again to teach us. So, we started off. She told me everything about the poster, and also helped me throughout the process of creating the poster. The beauty of this whole exercise was that though she was there to guide me, it was me was creating it. I learnt to be create something new from scratch. I learnt to work independently.

The poster turned out to be so beautiful and stupendous that I was given the highest marks in the project by my teacher for making the best poster in the class. I was also applauded by everyone. I was on cloud nine as if I had won the world. After reaching home, I hugged my mother and thanked her for being my first expert and making me realize my first success in the competitive world. http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

I also remember how disastrous my writing used to be when I started writing with a pen. My teachers even declined to check my exam papers, can you imagine? It was my mother who became my first handwriting expert. She used to sit with me around the clock with her fingers holding mine and then we used to practice writing tons and tons of pages. In two months my mother trained me to write neatly and beautifully. I still get appreciated for the beautiful handwriting I have now. http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

My mother has always been there in my good and bad times, a well-wisher during my hardships, helping me to overcome any challenges that block my way with her expert methods that can never fail and therefore making me realize my dreams. My mother is my mentor and my first expert and I really hope that this bond of mother and daughter strengthens with every passing minute. Love you mom!!! http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

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