Friday, May 1, 2015

Murderer of Soul

I don't have words today to express what I feel,
It's just that something inside me is dying everyday.
You promised this and you promised that,
All the promises went for a toss.

I have to say that everything is ruined,
Our monument of love is completely devastated.
Your words, your anger, your whole demeanor,
Is killing me slowly with little to bother.

Life will take such a turn, tough to believe,
On our anniversary I had to leave.
My body is there to make you feel you haven't done anything wrong,
It's just that my soul is dead by your hatred song.

My soul was soft and so fragile,
You transformed it into a hard tile.
My innocence, my love, you murdered it,
You are a murderer, who knew of it.


  1. It hurts a lot when some one close to your heart tramples your soul....touched